PFC-free jacket: our ban on harmful chemicals

PFC-free jacket: our ban on harmful chemicals

We know how much you like outdoor activities and getting caught in the rain. And we're here to make sure your rain jacket is safe from harsh chemicals while still keeping you dry and comfortable. 

Clothing that can repel water and keep us dry in cold weather is important, but many outdoor brands use a toxic chemical known as PFC’s to create their water resistant coatings.

PFC’s or Perfluorocarbons are man-made chemicals used to make things water resistant. These chemicals evaporate into the air either directly from factories, or indirectly when products are used, washed and disposed of.  

Why are PFC’s bad for us you may ask?

I am glad you asked. 

Because of their inability to decompose naturally, they can travel long distances with the wind and end up in lakes, rivers and oceans, eventually making their way into our food chain and affecting humans, wildlife and the environment. They have even found traces of this pollutant in the livers of Polar bears!

 Having these chemicals floating around our planet is not just an inconvenience, but it can have serious effects on human and wildlife health. Studies have shown that PFCs can have impacts on the reproductive and immune system and are potentially carcinogenic.* 

For this reason we have chosen a safer alternative for our waterproof jackets, that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO not only sounds cooler, but it is a remarkable water repellent finish, that is fluorocarbon-free, durable, and much safer for you and the environment


“We tried and tested a whole bunch of durable water repellents, known as DWRs," explains Ali Namdari, Labo Mono’s founder. "Because we needed to make sure that our recycled polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles would work with the DWR, but also last."

How does it work? 

The key of this technology is its ability to imitate nature by creating branchlike structures that create a strong bond that can repel water. Because this technology doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals and degrade by themselves, we don’t have to worry about them ending up in the environment and affecting our wildlife and 

You’re welcome Polar Bears! 

"Now, just because the Urban Jacket is PFC-free doesn’t mean we stop and relax. We’re here to build the best rain jacket, while improving our environmental and social impact at every step of the process” says Ali. Read more about our factory and our workers here.



So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, daily commuter, puddle jumper aficionado, or just looking for safer waterproof clothing, we got you covered!  

Check out our PFC-free jackets 


Have questions about PFC or about our jackets? Let us know in the comments below or shoot us an email on  

*Don’t just take our words for it, you can check out all the evidence through this Greenpeace Detox Campaign Report 


Animated Illustration: Call Me George(s)

Photography: Caroline Reed

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