The women and men behind our factory

The women and men behind our factory
When I was still designing the early version of our Urban Jacket, I had to answer a difficult question:

Who the hell’s gonna produce this complex jacket, using high quality and sustainable materials, in a fair and ethical working environment?

After months of intense scouting, in the summer of 2019, I finally met with the factory and the all the workers involved on my project, willing to start my first production.

Welcome to our factory, located in the Hebei Province of China, where I spent some time in July. 

Wait, wouldn’t it be less polluting to produce here in the UK, or nearby?

Great question! When it comes to clothing, most fabrics needs to be imported as they cannot be produced here. That is especially true for recycled performance fabric.
Assembling a jacket here would actually drive CO2 emissions even higher, because not only are you importing enough to make the garment, you’re also importing the offcuts which makes the weight higher overall.
That's the same approach brands such as Patagonia and Fjällräven are taking for their rain jackets.

Anyway, back to the visit!

Before coming here, I had, like a lot of us, a stereotypical view of Asian produced goods in mind: poorly built, in poor working conditions. 

But by researching all the candidates, I knew not all factories were equal, no matter which country they’d be in, there'd be good and bad everywhere.

This one in particular seemed to tick all the (good) boxes... Visiting them personally would help me decide. 

When I finally arrived, I knew the weeks of searching I'd spent weren't spent for nothing. 
After a warm welcome by Albert and his colleague, our now production managers, I was introduced to every room and worker. Everyone I met was highly skilled and super friendly, and there was also a very relaxed atmosphere.


Everyone listened to music as they worked, others chatted in the resting area.
Here, workers are paid a living wage by the hour. They work in a safe and regulated environment, 8 hours a day. They can work extra, but are paid extra.

Each person here is specialised in technical garments and outerwear. All with unique skills, from pattern cutting, to seam taping and finishing. And with access to high end automated machinery, I knew we had found THE partner.

Convincing such a factory to come onboard, despite a relatively low order volume wasn't a piece of cake. It took months of negotiating and prototyping before coming to this stage. But today, I’m super happy and proud to have a factory that share my commitment to ethical manufacturing as our partners.

I hope this will give you a better idea of the backstage and how we’re on our way to build the best urban outerwear company!

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😘 Ali, founder