🪡 Repaired, Reloved: Meet our Upcycling & Repairs Service

🪡 Repaired, Reloved: Meet our Upcycling & Repairs Service

Say hello to Fast Fashion’s latest enemy. Need a repair on your jacket or bag, even years after purchase? We've got you! No matter how badly damaged your item is, we can now offer to repair it... or turn it into a new product and send you a coupon for it!

👉 Ready to give your jacket a new life? Just send us a picture of your tired bag or jacket now to repairs@labomono.com

Please note that we don't make any profit on repairs. We kindly ask customers to cover part of the repair costs while we pay for the rest. 

Why doing this?

Our pride and joy. We’ve been meticulously saving our production offcuts + spare parts, and turned them into matching repair kits with our repair professional.

We can now offer to repair any jacket that we’ve made and extend its life for years to come... or turn it into new products!
...But why you may ask?

- Because clothing shouldn’t be disposable and we believe in a circular economy model.
- Because Adventure can cause some serious fun, and some scratches too.
- Because we put a lot of time and love into making each jacket.
- Because we’d love to see your favourite jacket being passed on to the next generation.


What can be repaired?

Well, basically anything on the jacket.
From zippers, to buttons, holes, tears, stitchings, reviving water repellency and elastic bands.

What if I've absolutely destroyed my jacket after a bear attacked me at the campsite, but I managed to escape alive?

Well, we have thought of this situation too. So if your jacket is greatly damaged beyond repair, you can still send it back to us.

We’ll send you a gift voucher to spend on our website, while we recover parts of your retired jacket, and give it a new life! Whether that be new repair kits, or future products (Bags? Hats? Maybe wallets?)

A simple idea, and with your help, a big difference for our planet 🌍❤️

Love letters from repairs 🥰 (thank you!)

Customer repair testimonials

How does it work? How long does it take?

Take a picture of your issue and send it to repairs@labomono.com
We’ll evaluate what needs to be done and let you know how much it would cost us.

We want this service to be as accessible as possible, so we’ve decided not to be making any profit on this.
All repairs include booking our repair professional, spare parts, and delivery to you.

⏱️ Repairs are done within 2 weeks in general, and you can count a couple days for delivery each way.

🌎 Available to all customers worldwide. If you're outside the UK and delivery costs are too high, we're also happy to send you the repair parts to get it fixed locally :)

No more excuses to go out and get dirty!
See you outside,

🥸 Ali, Founder & Designer

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