Repaired, Reloved update: we upcycle your old jackets

Repaired, Reloved update: we upcycle your old jackets
🌍 On this #Earthday , I’m very happy to announce a new addition to our Repaired, Reloved service!

In addition to our repair service, you can now send us any of your old Labo Mono jacket and receive a discount code on any rain jacket on our store, while we give it a second life, matter how old or damaged it is :)

Your old jacket will either get repaired, re-proofed, given to charity, or upcycled into new products and repair kits. So we can extend even more jackets’ lives as they come in for a repair.

🎶 it’s the ciiiircle of jackets

Alright. To start the process, just send us a picture of your old jacket and describe any big damage to . We’ll assess the rest and get the ball rolling :)

A more circular approach to outdoor adventure clothing.
Any question, feel free to reach out!
Love y’all

🥸 Ali, Founder & Designer.

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