Rethinking unisex: version 2.0 in the making

Rethinking unisex: version 2.0 in the making

One of the reasons I started Labo Mono was that I was frustrated to find brilliant outerwear pieces only thought out for female bodies, and the other way round, some styles only made for men.

I thought, "hey, everyone should be able to wear pieces they like, why should I be limited to these colours only?”. I wanted all colours and prints to be unisex. (That’s actually what “Mono” stands for in our name!).

A new approach

Now, colour preference is one thing, but we certainly all do have different body shapes.
While fashion brands usually take the oversized approach to address unisex clothing, this is trickier for technical clothing brands, like us.
An oversized item isn’t always comfortable when you’re moving around and more active.

By reading all your reviews so far (I read every single one of them, thanks a lot!!), I know that some of you would like a way to have a little bit more room around their hips, while others are happy with the current cut.

So, here’s a sneak peek of a new feature I’m currently working on. The ability to expand your jacket around the hips, only if you need to, without sacrificing on look!


Prototype skecth

An even more adaptable fit for even more body shapes, without the need of producing an additional style 🙂
Better for you, better for the Planet 🌍

Can’t wait to test the new prototype!! I’ll share more on the newsletter, feel free to sign up if you’re interested! And as always, I’m here if you have any questions :)


Ali, Founder

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