✂️DIY: Make your own upcycled & machine washable face mask

✂️DIY: Make your own upcycled & machine washable face mask

Staying in isn’t just a safe and boring activity. It’s also the perfect moment to learn a new craft and a handy one:

Using fabric you have laying around, like an old t-shirts (or for us, our Carnival Black fabric trimmings) you can learn to sew your own upcycled face mask, that's machine washable!


The tutorial(s) 

And if you don’t sew, that’s absolutely fine, because we’ll have 2 tutorials:
  1. Click here if you have a sewing machine: Making your reusable upcycled face mask. 

  2. If not, click here: Using a stapler, making a disposable face mask.

⚠️Please note that these masks are certainly not an ironclad guarantee that you won’t get sick: viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can penetrate masks. However, masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is a main transmission route of coronavirus, and prevent hand to mouth contact. For more information, please refer to NHS official guidance: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

If you’re a healthcare worker, please let us know if your hospital would need these in case of an emergency and in which fabric they may need them. Email us on hello@labomono.com 

Making your reusable upcycled face mask

Your mask should be washed each time you come back to the house at min 30 degrees. So it's always good to make a few so that they can dry while you use another one.

In the tutorial below, Stephanie is using one fabric only, but we picked an old t-shirt for the inner lining. Up to you! 

 Click here to download the PDF pattern to print.

Making a disposable face mask using a stapler 

Quick and easy, and using things you have around: a stapler and some rubber bands.

If you've got a stronger stapler, you can swap the kitchen roll with your own upcycled fabric in the following video!


Have fun making them! And remember that the best protection today is to stay at home and only leave the house if needed!


Stay safe 😘



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