Labo Mono does Fashion Week

Labo Mono does Fashion Week

A few days ago, we were invited to walk the “Absolut Trash Runway” during London Fashion Week. Hosted by Absolut, this event was all about promoting sustainable practices and the power and beauty of waste.

So, what does a sustainable fashion show look like anyway? We head behind the scenes at one of London Fashion Week’s coolest shows to find out.

Getting ready

Backstage was buzzing with wardrobe changes, hair and make-up and photographers trying to capture every moment.

Excitement was stirring as our models prepared to walk down their very first catwalk.


Our Evergreen, Marker and Carnival Black jackets made their debut on the runway,  alongside other sustainability-focused designers.


Just to name a few: Boita who make ethically sourced luxury bags using vegan leather, recycled plastic bottles and plant-based padding. 

Elvis and Kresse rescue firehoses and re-purpose them into luxury lifestyle accessories and then donate 50% of their profits back to Fire Fighters.

Valentina Karellas creates bold statement knitwear using overstocked yarns to handcraft jumpers. By reusing what is already available, this company is helping reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The runway was a visual reminder of the creative properties recycled materials hold for creating art. A mural was displayed using waste collected from several of LFW’S biggest parties and the runway was lined with what seemed like real glass! (But really it was just torn-up re-purposed silicone.)

At the end of the show, we encouraged the public to come and try our jackets, like our Cobalt Blue one below: 

We had a lot of fun and were thrilled to see up-and-coming designers come together and share their innovative work, proving that with a little creativity something old and unwanted can come back in a new and fashionable form.

Check out our recycled collection 

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Cheers! ✨

Written by Sonia De Los Rios

Photos: Ali Namdari


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