Washing & reproofing your waterproof jacket the right way ūüĆé

Washing & reproofing your waterproof jacket the right way ūüĆé

Adventures can get messy.

Your waterproof jacket will bravely protect you from the elements, but there will be times a good washing will be needed. 

To protect your jacket and the planet, we put together a little guide to help you wash it correctly, and extend its life for years to come.
Note: this can also apply to any performance jacket you might already have.

Step 1: Prepare your jacket

  • Close your main zipper up
  • Open all the other zippers (pit zips and pockets)
  • Carefully check inside all the pockets in case you‚Äôve left any little souvenir (don‚Äôt forget your¬†hidden pockets¬†)
  • Unfold the hood
  • Release all the drawstrings¬†in case you had tightened them.

Step 2: Washing

Your jacket can be hand washed, or machine washed.
To avoid any abrasions and to filter out any micro plastic, we recommend putting your jacket inside a microplastic washing bag (like one of these)

Alternatively, you can use a pillow case. This will protect your jacket agains abrasions, but it won’t be as effective to filter out microfibers.

Simply put your jacket inside a pillow case, and tie the knots together.

Then, place the contained jacket inside your washing machine (or washing basket if you're hand washing)
We recommend a :
  • mild liquid detergent,
  • slow spin-cycle
  • temperature of 30¬įC max.
It’s a good idea to run an extra spin-cycle without detergent after the regular cycle. This is just to make sure all the washing liquid has been removed.

(Optional) Step 3: Restore water repellency  

If you had noticed your jacket to be less water repellent than we you first purchased it, that might be the sign it needs a little repellency refreshment!
You can do so by applying a special DWR spray (Durable Water Repellent) on your jacket.

You can find a lot of different brands. We do recommend Grangers, as they work well and are PFC free, but Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On works great too.

Here's how to apply it:

Step 4: Drying

Do not use a dryer. This could damage your jacket
Instead, let it hang it on a coat hanger and let it dry out. You can place it near your heater, but avoid it touching it.

Step 5: Tenderly hug your jacket


Your jacket is now dry, clean and ready for another rainy day. Chop-chop, see you outside!

ūüėė Ali, Founder.

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