Love Your Jacket: How to Wash & Reproof Your Waterproof Gear to Prolong its Life

Love Your Jacket: How to Wash & Reproof Your Waterproof Gear to Prolong its Life

Adventure is calling, but it can be a bit messy!

Your waterproof jacket will bravely protect you from the elements, but there will be times a good washing & care will be needed. 

That's why we've compiled this friendly guide, showing you how to give your jacket the cleaning it deserves while being kind to Mother Earth. Good news is, this process isn't exclusive to Labo Mono jackets - you can use it on any performance jacket you own. Let's dive right in!

Step 1: Prepare your jacket


  • Zip your main zipper all the way up.
  • All other zippers - pit zips and pockets - get them wide open.
  • Peek into each pocket, you never know what little mementos you might find (and don't forget about those secret pockets!)
  • Spread out the hood.
  • Loosen any tightened drawstrings.

Step 2: Wash time

To help protect our marine life and make your gear last even longer, we recommend placing your jacket into a GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag.

This special washbag reduces the amount of fibres that are lost during the wash - by an average of 80%, so you can protect your clothing, as well as the environment.

Now, pop your jacket into your washing machine. A special Tech detergent like Nikwax Tech Wash is your jacket's best friend. It doesn't just clean, but also restores breathability and some of the jacket's original repellency. • Alternatively, you can opt for a mild liquid detergent, although it might not be as effective. • Use a slow spin-cycle. • Keep the temperature to a chill 30°C max.

Step 3: Time for Reproofing? (Optional)

Has your jacket been braving the storms a little less heroically recently? It might need a refresh in the water-repellency department! Adding a dose of special reproofing detergent (DWR) during another washing cycle can do the trick. We're fans of Nikwax TX Direct, it works wonders on our jackets and is PFC free!

Step 4: Dry & Relax

We recommend letting your jacket air dry. Hang it on a coat hanger in a well-ventilated spot. It can hang out near your heater, just make sure it isn't touching. Tumble dryers? Not the best idea, they could damage your jacket on mid & high settings.

Step 5: Ready to Explore!

You did it!

Your jacket is now squeaky clean, dry, and ready to face down those rainy days. Give it a loving hug, and then, it's time to hit the great outdoors for another day of exploration.

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