Washing & reproofing your waterproof jacket the right way 🌎

Washing & reproofing your waterproof jacket the right way 🌎

Adventures can get messy.

Your waterproof jacket will bravely protect you from the elements, but there will be times a good washing will be needed. 

To protect your jacket and the planet, we put together a little guide to help you wash it correctly, and extend its life for years to come.
Note: this can also apply to any performance jacket you might already have.

Step 1: Prepare your jacket

  • Close your main zipper up
  • Open all the other zippers (pit zips and pockets)
  • Carefully check inside all the pockets in case you’ve left any little souvenir (don’t forget your hidden pockets )
  • Unfold the hood
  • Release all the drawstrings in case you had tightened them.

Step 2: Washing

Your jacket can be hand washed, or machine washed.
To avoid any abrasions and to filter out any micro plastic, we recommend putting your jacket inside a microplastic washing bag (like one of these)

Alternatively, you can use a pillow case. This will protect your jacket agains abrasions, but it won’t be as effective to filter out microfibers.

Simply put your jacket inside a pillow case, and tie the knots together.

Then, place the contained jacket inside your washing machine (or washing basket if you're hand washing)
We recommend a :
  • mild liquid detergent,
  • slow spin-cycle
  • temperature of 30°C max.
It’s a good idea to run an extra spin-cycle without detergent after the regular cycle. This is just to make sure all the washing liquid has been removed.

(Optional) Step 3: Restore water repellency  

If you had noticed your jacket to be less water repellent than we you first purchased it, that might be the sign it needs a little repellency refreshment!
You can do so by applying a special DWR spray (Durable Water Repellent) on your jacket.

You can find a lot of different brands, but we do recommend Grangers, as they work well and are PFC free (you can read article about why we avoid these chemicals here)

Here's how to apply it:

Step 4: Drying

Do not use a dryer. This could damage your jacket
Instead, let it hang it on a coat hanger and let it dry out. You can place it near your heater, but avoid it touching it.

Step 5: Tenderly hug your jacket


Your jacket is now dry, clean and ready for another rainy day. Chop-chop, see you outside!

😘 Ali, Founder.

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