How to pack your Urban and Go-Go Jacket

How to pack your Urban and Go-Go Jacket

A great jacket is one always at hand, ready for any adventure. And that's exactly how I designed ours!

Here's a quick guide on how to easily pack your Urban or Go-Go Jacket and carry it everywhere, with its included straps. 

Step 1: Remove everything you may have in your pockets.

Step 2: Pull your right pocket out (it’s the one with straps inside)

Step 3: Start pushing your jacket inside the pocket.
The important trick here is to really start filling the bottom of your pocket first as you go.
Step 4: Push the rest of your jackets, zip it up, and voilà! 
You can use the included straps to attach it to your bag, bike, belt. Or even use it as a pillow if you’re stuck outside your house, because you forgot your keys again.



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