Fundraising for Circularity ♻️

Fundraising for Circularity ♻️

Hey friend 👋

Ali here. If you've been following us for a while, you know we like to do things differently around Christmas time. And this year is no different.

From November to January, absolutely all our profits will be going towards developing our Circular Economy model even further. We're reinvesting it all into:

1) Repaired, Reloved, our jacket upcycling & repair service, now opening up for more than jackets. With your help so far, we’ve given many jackets a new life (read more about it here). 

And we’re soon opening up for… Bags!

2) Yep, a Labo Mono Bag line! Built for city & mountain adventures. Easily repairable, audacious & recycled as always.
All I have in mind at the moment and on my drawing boards. We’re now raising funds to finish the prototypes and purchase the first fabric rolls. I can’t wait to share more ❤️

So whether you need the best waterproof or insulated jacket out there, for yourself or for a friend, now is your time to get the best deal, AND help us build the new chapters!

Stay wild,

🥸 Ali, Founder & Designer

Nomad Compression Packing Cube Women's Puffer-Puffer Jacket — Odyssey & Black Emergency Case & Blankets Men's Puffer-Puffer Jacket — Fizzy Yellow & Blue Men's Puffer-Puffer Jacket — Evergreen & Salamander

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