First deliveries: first feedback

First deliveries: first feedback

This is it! We have finally delivered the very first¬†Urban Jackets. And right ON TIME, as announced months ago ūü•≥

Here's a little summary of how our last went, and all the steps that each jacket and us went through:

I skipped the part where I had to go through 2 weeks of horrible customer service with Royal Mail, but also optimising our flow, understanding customs and reflecting on life.

First feedback

A whole year of design, improvements and caffeine, packed into little bags, handed over to the Post office.

And then we waited. A bit nervously.

Sure we did a lot of tests, and designed, in our sense, vibrant, eco-conscious, high quality, and super versatile waterproof jackets.

But this is the first time so many new people will wear and use them.

What if they just don't like them? Did I even declared the goods properly for customs? I double checked, but did I miss any order? Why is my coffee cold again?

A few days have now passed and as I'm writing this, the first feedback are coming in:

A lot of love mainly, and our jackets are seeing some amazing landscapes with you already! You guys are awesome. (Take that, inner doubt )

You can check out all the pictures we received in our Insta highlight stories ("YOU") here

The only downsides so far: we received a few size exchange requests, which is totally fair for an online business. And the feedback we get will help us improve our size guide and do even better for the next orders. 

All the UK customers should have received their jackets now, and we are now waiting for EU feedback pretty soon! Will post another article by then :)


Alright, take care and bisous!


Ali, Founder


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