Pride, achievements & lessons learned from an indie outdoor brand

Pride, achievements & lessons learned from an indie outdoor brand
From the bottom of my heart, and before I’m too hungover, I wish you all a happy New Year! 🥂

Thank you all so much for allowing me to do my dream job for yet another year. ❤️

✨ I tried to highlight the best moments and valuable lessons learned this year, as a small business founder, and personally.
Wasn’t an easy task, but here goes!

1. You all


✌️ From seeing your pictures and even bumping into you outdoors wearing and loving your jackets.
Knowing that you genuinely feel joy (and get complimented!) when wearing your colourful jacket in your adventures, and city strolls is the reason why I love what I do.

2. Improved packaging ♻️


🚣 Things you might not see on Instagram, the other end of the iceberg. Improving our logistics, working on new products, failed prototypes, supply chain freeze...

Not always the fun part, but it's where the business and I learn how to grow and improve what we do, and learn how to impact people’s lives positively while staying afloat.

3. New line: The Go-Go Jacket 💥

Go-GO Jacket

4. Repaired & Reloved 🧵

Repaired Reloved

My pride and joy. We’ve been meticulously saving our production offcuts + spare parts, and turned them into matching repair kits with a Repair professional right in our warehouse.
We can now offer to repair any jacket that we’ve made and extend its life for years to come... or turn it into new products!

6. Slowpreneurship & resilience 🧘🏻‍♂️

Because running a small business in a healthy way is more a marathon than a sprint. It's important to listening to one's mind, resting when needed, not setting crazy deadlines, doing the best with the ressources at hand, and preferring releasing a better and more sustainable service and product over speed and overproduction.

4. Going nomad 🏕

And to the great encounters and experiences, that now led me to officially leave London and start living and working from the road, closer to trails, with my laptop, suitcase and my car.

As I’m writing this in the back of my car, looking at 2022 with excitement, and a full design draft folder for Labo Mono ✌️

Thank you all ❤️

🥸 Ali, Founder & Designer

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