To grow the best urban outdoor company

To grow the best urban outdoor company

What a few crazy months we had! Successfully completed our crowdfunding campaign, and have started our production of Urban Jackets.

But the work doesn’t stop there, and I wanted to share with you where we are, what we are preparing, and how we could work together and build the future of this awesome project.

Where we are now

So here we go for the first blog post! And I’m writing this from the train, leaving Hebei province in China, where we visited our factory.

As expected, we found a modern and well advanced technical garment factory that share our commitment to ethical manufacturing.

We were impressed by all the high-end automated machinery we have access to. Our production had started on time, and most of all, we personally met all the workers involved on our product.

These very skilled, super friendly people are all working in a clean, safe and regulated environment. (I’ll talk more about this in a separate article soon).

The difficult months researching for the right factory have paid off!

What’s happening next?

All in all, all good. We should receive our Urban Jackets early October, and will start delivering them to you then :)

So what’s happening between now and October at Labo Mono?

As much as we’d like to take a three-month holiday, we’re actually working on some exciting new stuff.

1 - Preparing and launching our online store.

2 - Working with cool independent retailers in London

3 - My favourite part: working on our new content direction. (More below)

As you know, the Urban Jacket is not just a cool looking jacket. It is designed to let you explore cities with confidence, no matter what weather, no matter your means of transport. So you are always ready for your next adventure.

And living in London for the past 7 years has taught me to be more curious. From trying weird looking but delicious dishes on street food markets, meeting new people, to discovering beautiful strolls by taking a different route to work.

Being more adventurous, and embracing the unknown. It’s a lifestyle!

Through interviews with inspiring people and articles, we’d like to share our findings with you very soon.

Woodberry Wetlands, one of the many hidden strolls in London

Building the best team

We want to create the best urban outdoor brand, and inspire people to explore cities.

And to do so, we’re now looking for an associate. See it as a late-founderrole.
Fast learners, independent and motivated people to join us and learn together, while growing this amazing project.

If you are an ex or wannabe entrepreneur, and are super motivated to help build the future of Labo Mono, please read further.

There are loads of fields that I currently enjoy working on at Labo Mono. But could be even more fun to share with someone. Research, Product design, Production, Social media content, Marketing, Sales, to name just a few.

Ideal candidate qualities: determination, flexibility, imagination and naughtiness.

We don’t have a specific job description other than this right now.
We’re looking for personality matching profiles first, rather than skills first.

Ideally able to meet in London. People who share our core values. People who aren’t afraid to throw themselves in the unknown, and want to create the best products that help and inspire people on their next urban adventure.

If that’s you, or know a friend, just shoot me a message at

Include why you’re awesome, and how we could work together.

And if it’s a match, let’s grab a coffee to chat further :)

Alright, my laptop is now burning my legs, so I will leave you here.

Stay safe!


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