More birds please

More birds please

Let’s make this Black Friday actually useful.

From Friday 29th Nov to Monday 2nd of Dec, we will donate 10% of all our sales to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Doing an ace job since 1889.

Why this charity?

Cause we like them birds. That’s why.

From ancient woodlands and lowland heaths to estuaries and rugged coasts, the UK is rich in wildlife habitats.

It is also increasingly becoming an ark for species as their ranges shift northwards due to the effect of climate change and other factors.

Our friends at RSPB are here to help protect these habitats, and its birds.

And with us protecting you from the elements, this is a pretty sweet combo deal, and a more fair Black Friday for the 🌍. 

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Have a great week-end!!

Ali, founder

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